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Wanting to give back to the community or get your name out there to local businesses? This is for you then. Just fill out the form below, entering in as much information as you can. After you submit, we’ll review for completeness and then publish on the website.

How it works: after your services are auctioned off to the highest bidder, you’ll sign a contract with that business. They’ll pay Interfaith Sanctuary and then Interfaith will pay your for the starting bid amount that you’ve indicated below.

And thank you, for being an awesome creative person and for being generous!

Are you a business?

If you’re a business, this form isn’t for you. Register to Bid on Creative Services on EventBrite. (Remember, all proceeds go towards our charity!)

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After a lucky business wins your services (or other offering), you'll need to sign a contract with the business summarizing what you're providing them, when you will deliver it, and how much the starting bid was for.

After you click this button, your account will be created. You can log back in at any time up to the event and change your information and/or images. Contact us if you lose your password.