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Up For Auction: One Day Programming/Technical Work

Details for what's being auctioned:

I'm a developer with over 16 years of professional experience in a wide variety of internet related programming technologies (from front-end Javascript to backend SQL/Webservices to Android apps and embedded Ardunio sketches). I will perform 8 hours of technical work for the winning bidder.

Drop by and talk to me before the auction! If you've already got a project in mind, I will find a way to make myself useful to that project. If you don't have something specific but you work with any computers at all, chances are good there's something I can do to help. I am quite flexible and I enjoy new challenges.

Last year my auction was snapped up by Thrive Web Designs. I helped them migrate some websites and upgrade their project management software. Josh has kindly written a testimonial about his experience working with me over in the About -> Testimonials section.

TL; DR: Rent a nerd! =)

  • Starting Bid: $0.00
  • Delivery Date: Flexible
  • You'll be working with: Russell Kuhns
  • They work at: Access Idaho
  • Website:

Some samples of their past work:

Click on the images above to see larger images. If you’re interested in this creative professional, visit their website. And of course, bid on their work!

After you win the bid, you’ll then sign a service contract with that creative which will outline the services or products you’ll receive, the agreed timeline, winning price, and terms of payment. Good luck!