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Up For Auction: image post production

Details for what's being auctioned:

I’ll work with you to to optimize up to ten digital photographs in post production processing. Each individual image will be processed to the particularities of your project. The images will be adjusted for exposure, color cast, ink density and contrast gain. Also we’ll review proof sheets from your printer to assure images look their best and reproduce as intended. Value $600

  • Starting Bid: $0.00
  • Delivery Date: 5 business days after receiving photographs
  • You'll be working with: Jim Benning
  • They work at: jim benning photography + design
  • Website:

Some samples of their past work:

Click on the images above to see larger images. If you’re interested in this creative professional, visit their website. And of course, bid on their work!

After you win the bid, you’ll then sign a service contract with that creative which will outline the services or products you’ll receive, the agreed timeline, winning price, and terms of payment. Good luck!