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Ejector Pins & Sleeves. Berger Tools stock a large range of ejector pins and sleeves, including cylindrical head and countersunk variants. Ejector pins are used to eject completed parts from die moulds and are commonly used in the plastics, automotive, aeromotive and medical industries, amongst others.



An ideal lubricant for the front half of ejector pins (pins in forward position), this almost dry lubricant minimizes the possibility of leaching out onto molded parts. Heavy-Duty Mold Release and Pin Lube can be used on plastics, rubber, waxes, glass-filled nylon and similar materials.

Ejector Pins Injection Molding

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2 Common Causes of Distortion in Injection Molding


Aug 29, 2018 · Some likely causes are; Undercuts in the mold are too deep. In this case the depth of the undercut should be reduced, and radii included wherever possible. There could also be an issue with the ejector pins as the mold could have been designed with the ejector pins being too small or too few in number for the part.

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DME Part Ejection. Every injection molding business operating at or near full capacity requires a mold components partner that provides high-quality ejector pins, ejector sleeves, ejector blades and other high-use products.

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Ejector pins are the “bouncers” of the injection molding world. They let technicians apply a force to eject a part from the mold, and, in some cases, can leave marks.

Ejection of Moldings


An ejector plate moves an ejector pin that ejects parts. A push rod is pushed out of the molding machine to eject the ejector plate, by which the ejector pin pushes out parts. A return pin is usually used to return the ejector plate to the original position. With this method, the edge of the return pin touches the surface of the cavity plate during mold closing and pushes back the ejector ...



• Place ejector pins in areas least sensitive such as below ribs or bosses, increase diameter or number of pins • Add vented ejector pins • Verify correct load pattern weight • Add external mold release, mold one part, then discard that part • lean shear edges Tooling • Slow ejection system • heck mold for undercuts

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Aug 12, 2018 · Step 1: Ejection System of an Injection Mold. Ejection is a process of removing the plastic material from the mold. This are of different types to remove the material from mold. EJECTION TECHNIQUES: · PIN EJECTOR: · Simplest and most economical method .